A Gift in your Will (Bequest)

By making a bequest in your Will to Tauranga Riding for the Disabled you continue to help for years to come to those who are challenged by disability or are at-risk within our community.

What is a bequest

A bequest is simply a gift made through your Will. It can be a specific amount, a proportion of your estate, a particular asset or the residue of your estate after you have provided for your family and friends.

Who will manage your bequest

Bequest funds are managed by the Tauranga RDA Foundation – a registered charitable trust. When a bequest is received, and unless a specific direction is given as to how the bequest should be used, it will, together with other bequests and memorial gifts be invested as per the Foundation Investment Policy, which is controlled by a capable Board of Trustees together with our advisors such as Craigs Investment Partners.

The Tauranga RDA Foundation was established in 2012 and act guardian of the long term assets of Tauranga Riding for the Disabled they also assist with promoting Tauranga RDA as a worthy recipient of bequests and other future fund investments.

The Tauranga RDA Foundation is focused on the establishment of a robust investment portfolio to provide a return capable of contributing in a significant way towards the RDA’s operating expenses and ensuring a degree of sustainability as the organization moves into the future. Located as we are in one of the fastest growing areas of the country the predicted need is great and growing. The Foundation is committed to ensure Tauranga RDA is able to meet that need.

Meet our Foundation Board.

You and your financial advisors may wish to discuss your bequest wishes with the trustees of the Tauranga RDA Foundation or with the Fundraising & Marketing Manager at Tauranga Riding for the Disabled. It is strongly recommended you seek the advice of your financial advisor or solicitor when drafting your Will.

How do I make Tauranga RDA a recipient of a bequest in my Will

Ask your Will administrator to add the following copy to your will, you will need to specify if you would like a percentage, a percise property left to Tauranga RDA as part of your estate.

“I give to the Trustees for the time being of the Tauranga RDA Foundation, a charitable trust registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC49230), $ XXXX or a X% share of my estate, or X% share of the residue of my estate or precise description of the item of property free from all duties and charges, for general purposes, for which receipt by any trustee of the Tauranga RDA Foundation shall be sufficient to discharge my trustees”.

Further information

If you would like to discuss your intentions with our Fundraising & Marketing Manager or a member of the Foundation Board please contact Tauranga Riding for the Disabled on (07) 544 1899 or email us.

We like to know who our friends are so if you decide to remember us in your Will do let us know so we can keep you updated on the work we are doing and the milestones we reach.