Facility Hire Terms & Conditions

All terms and conditions of arena hire must always be adhered to.

  • Any individual or club responsible for hiring the facility is also responsible for paying Tauranga RDA the ground fee for any extra horses during that hire period. Tauranga RDA wishes to receive one payment per hire period, which is to include ground fees of additional horses.
  • Booking Policy – Booking payment to be made online before your hireage.  Cancellation requires 24 hours’ notice.
  • All facilities will be presented to you in a clean and tidy fashion. You are expected to leave them as you find them, clean of manure and rubbish, dishes washed, dried and put away, power points turned off etc. A brush, mop and bucket will be available for kitchen hirers, and poop bucket and shovel for arena users. All rubbish to be removed from grounds. 
  • After hours – A lockbox code will be provided once booking has been confirmed.
  • Take poop and hay with you from around your horse float/ truck.
  • No hay is to be fed in the arena.
  • Any breakages must be reported to management and all costs will be covered by hirer. Call: 07 5441899 to report breakages.
  • Hirers will also be responsible for any insurance excess if Tauranga RDA has to make a claim as a result of damage.
  • Premises to be locked and all lights turned off when you leave.  
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. The hirer will be responsible for the proper control of spectators, competitors and all persons hiring the facility at all times.
  • Protective head gear is to be worn at all time when mounted.
  • Anyone schooling over jumps MUST be accompanied by a second person.
  • No smoking on premises whatsoever.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises. 
  • No glass is to be taken into the arena.
  • Dogs must be kept on leads strictly under control.
  • Tauranga RDA will not accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to or loss of property. Tauranga RDA will not be held responsible if any injury or illness occurred to you or your horse while on RDA premises.
  • The hirer will be responsible for providing their own first aid kit for their event.